Excess all areas Book

The Beatles

Tea time with Elton

School dinner with AC/DC

Tin bath time with Mr Graham Coxen

Absinthe and The Happy Mondays

Keith Flint and his crunchy nuts

Ozzy Osbourne loves a red snapper

Iggy helps the homeless

Acrobat Kiss



My illustrations take a light hearted look at the bizarre and intriguing requests listed in the band contract rider.

The contract rider is a legal document containing terms and conditions that must be satisfied before a band will put on a scheduled concert. Failure to provide items on the contract rider can result in embarrassing show-cancelling drama queen tantrums.

The most infamous contract rider probably belongs to 80’s rock group Van Halen, which included a bowl of M&M sweets in their dressing room – clearly stating that all of the brown coloured ones be removed before the band arrived.

The following band rider illustrations range from the sublime to the ridiculous.


Hal Leonard


Animation, fun, Digital, Character Design, Illustration